Part 2 Hidden Talents and Hidden Hurts

Leslie Basham: Sue Thomas was working a desk job at the FBI when she was called to the front office.
Sue Thomas: There was only two reasons a person went to the front office: It was to be terminated from their job or to be interrogated by the FBI agent.
Leslie: She didn’t realize there actually was a third reason: The FBI was about to unleash her special talent.
This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author of The Wonder of His Name, for November 28, 2017.
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: Yesterday, we began hearing the story of Sue Thomas. When she was just eighteen months old, Sue permanently lost her hearing. Thanks to supportive parents and a good coach, she learned to play the piano and ice skate.
But at her public school, they didn’t know how to teach a deaf student. Her grades suffered, and she was slapped with labels like “dummy.”
If you missed any of yesterday’s program, you’ll want to be sure and listen to it at It includes a beautiful rendition of “Silent Night” like none you’ve ever heard before sung by our guest who can’t hear any music.
Let me also mention, she couldn’t hear me asking any questions. She read my lips through this entire interview.
Sue Thomas says her academic career began to improve, thanks to one woman.   (continue to read or listen to the broadcast here…)

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