What a joy to be on the platform to encourage those wherever I may wander…

This past month I had speaking in Tennessee, Ohio, and Washington, DC.  It was DC that held one of the highlights of my speaking, I was invited to give a keynote address at the CIA!
It is hard to believe that some thirty eight years ago I worked for the FBI and now returned to Washington to speak for the CIA!
The highlight was during the Q and A time when the Deputy Director of the CIA asked me, “If we would send you an application, will you apply?” People still respond well to my FBI stories.
My eyes were mesmerized by the enormous size of the CIA building but what a shocker to see engraved on the large granite walls in the main entrance the words from the Bible, “THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE”. The Word of God is Rock solid, timeless in it’s truth, and still speaks when and where we least expect it.
When the TV series, Sue Thomas FBEYE was released, the TV Guide did a feature article on me with a photo session of me and my dog, Gracie, standing on the FBI seal.  Today, I stand on CIA seal as a remembrance of my time on their platform.
The miles continue…what an incredible journey it is in my wanderings!

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