Look Who’s Talking…

“Sue’s honesty in presenting some of the painful moments of her past encourage honesty…I weep with joy for what God did in Sue’s life.” -Guy Doud National Teacher of the Year

“You are truly a gifted communicator and your life’s experiences enable you to speak with wisdom and passion. We have received nothing but the highest accolades.”-Jerry Haddock Regional Director ACSI School Convention

“Sue Thomas is the real thing—she is refreshingly honest. Her stories are compelling, moving, motivating, and ones that touch everyone, but even better than that, so is she.”-Tic Long, President, Youth Specialties

“We went to hear her speak before an audience of several hundred people, and were spellbound, as was the entire audience.”-Seymour Friedman Senior Vice President Columbia Pictures Television

“Deaf since the age of 18 months, Sue Thomas neither asked for nor received sympathy for her handicap at any time in her life: Indeed, as a youngster she was known to periodically bloody the noses of kids who taunted her in school. As an adult, Thomas became an accomplished pianist, and earned a political science degree from Massachusetts Springfield College…”Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

“Fearless and fiesty Sue Thomas has inspired…faith is what keeps her going.” TV Guide

“Uncommon courage …”Family Circle Magazine