Captivating her audience and leaving them speechless is the trademark of Sue Thomas. The inspiration behind the award winning family TV series, SUE THOMAS: FBEye,‎ she has not only captured the hearts of millions of Americans,  but her name is known in 64 nations around the world where the TV show has been aired.

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, she faced overwhelming odds when at the age of 18 months she became profoundly deaf.  With dedicated parents who refused to institutionalize Sue, they set out to provide the tools that would enable Sue to live and survive in the world of sound. It was imperative to them that little Sue would learn to speak, even though she heard nothing. This began years of speech therapy to give her the voice that would be heard around the world.

Deemed “a dummy” and put into the slow learner class throughout her public school days she was finally discovered by her typing teacher‎ who saw the raw potential that was concealed by Sue’s deafness. Through the life of this teacher, Sue went on to college where she study Political Science, International Relations and received her BS degree before doing post-graduate work in counseling at Case Western Reserve and Columbia Bible College and Seminary.

She is known for her professional achievements with the FBI in Washington, DC where her specialization of lip-reading was sought after for solving high profile crime cases. It was because of her success at the FBI and the subsequent filming of the popular TV series, which was loosely based on her experiences, that brought her the international recognition.

A much sought after speaker, Sue has spoken in every state in the USA except Utah and has held the international platform in Germany, Canada, The Netherlands, Japan and India. Her audiences range from 1 to 45,000  and her keynotes are geared towards education, civic, corporate, sports, and non-profits along with medical in the areas of deafness, multiple schlerosis and diabetes.

Sue is a women of tremendous faith and delights in encouraging the church through her testimony of the grace of God. She has spoken in every denomination and especially cherishes her time with women at their special functions. Sunday worship, youth events, leadership conferences, mother~daughter banquets, retreats, national day of prayer, you name it, she will be there to help make it a most memorable event for all involved.

A lifetime of challenges ranging from profound deafness to the affliction of multiple sclerosis, has seasoned Sue with the strength and conviction to be able to stand and deliver the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth. She travels with her service dog, a yellow lab from Canine Companions for Independence, Sir “Rodney” the Great and her full time associate, Deborah.

‎When not on the road speaking Sue remains in the silence where she takes joy in writing from her little log cabin in Vermont. She has written two autobiographical books, SILENT NIGHT and STAYING IN THE RACE. She is currently working on her third book, introducing children to Hearing Dogs.

Sue’s father once said, “it took her so long to learn to talk, now we can’t get her to shut up!”… so goes the life of this professional woman speaker to all ages and audiences of all types around the world!

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