Captivating her audience and leaving them speechless was the trademark of Sue Thomas. As the inspiration behind the award winning family TV series, SUE THOMAS: FBEye,‎ she not only captured the hearts of millions of Americans,  but her name became known in 64 nations around the world where the TV show has been aired.

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, she faced overwhelming odds when at the age of 18 months she became profoundly deaf.  With dedicated parents who refused to institutionalize Sue, they set out to provide the tools that would enable Sue to live and survive in the world of sound. It was imperative to them that little Sue would learn to speak, even though she heard nothing. This began years of speech therapy to give her the voice that would be heard around the world.

Deemed “a dummy” and put into the slow learner class throughout her public school days she was finally discovered by her typing teacher‎ who saw the raw potential that was concealed by Sue’s deafness. Through the life of this teacher, Sue went on to college where she study Political Science, International Relations and received her BS degree before doing post-graduate work in counseling at Case Western Reserve and Columbia Bible College and Seminary.

She is known for her professional achievements with the FBI in Washington, DC where her specialization of lip-reading was sought after for solving high profile crime cases. It was because of her success at the FBI and the subsequent filming of the popular TV series, which was loosely based on her experiences, that brought her the international recognition.

Sue met her Savior face to face on December 13th, 2022, when she slipped away from the pain and troubles of this world and entered into Eternal Glory. Today she is exchanging stories with the saints that have gone before, listening to the angels sing, and exploring all of the beauties of heaven.

She poured the last years of her life into a non-profit she founded, suethomasministries.org

The focus of STM is to encourage people in all walks of life, whether it’s the homeless on the streets of DC, through books and speaking, and continuing the ministry at WaterBrooks.  The vision of WaterBrooks in Vermont was very close to Sue’s heart. As she often said, “You hearing people have a difficult time being quiet and listening to the still small voice of God.” WaterBrooks is in the development stages, but it is the heart of STM that the vision that God gave to Sue Thomas will become a sanctuary for many people for years to come. 




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