Glorious 71 Years!

On May 24th I will celebrate my 71st birthday with much celebration and joy! 

It will be exactly 1 year since I was diagnosed with lung cancer (The day before my birthday) and  then four months ago it was the fight of my life with Covid! Today I am still cancer free after my last four month test and getting stronger with each day over the Covid. Last night for the first time in four months I slept in my own bed and today got rid of the rented hospital bed that served me so faithfully.
I am down to 163 pounds and enjoying food is still difficult for me although lately all of my favorite restaurants keep sending me birthday wishes with free desserts!

We celebrate in fullness on Sunday when I get into the car and we drive to WaterBrooks in Vermont for two weeks to see how I do and if I do well we can return this fall.

I am no longer using oxygen during the day for which I am praising God! Now I have to work on not wearing it at night so we can go back to living in Vermont without electricity! Praising God for the healing and restoring of my life in so many details! 

The only thing that I am living with as a reminder of the covid-19 is Tylenol every four hours and ongoing fatigue  between my MS and Covid but I can not complain in the least but rather marvel at His divine healing in my life!
It’s so hard to believe that it all started a year ago and that I entirety missed my 70th year where I spent the equivalent of half of the year in the hospital. This week is my 71st birthday and I am going to party double ~ celebrating this year and  last year and survival and new beginnings!

God is so good, thank you, my dear friends, for interceding to the  good Father that I might enjoy this blessing of new beginnings…your faithful prayers made all the difference!!

Thank you, bless you, for traveling the journey with me!

Sue, Deb and Rodney

10 thoughts on “Glorious 71 Years!

  1. Have the most most blessed birthday. You have touched another life, mine.
    God is still working and He is continuing to use your faithfulness to Him. To God be the glory, yes, also from my heart I thank and give you a big hug.
    Because of Jesus love, love,
    Emma Rankin


  2. God is amazing and he creates amazing things and people and you are one of them . I’m so inspired by you I just saw your story, testimony on Pureflix today , that’s how I found you and came to know about it I was looking for inspiration or something that God can talk to me through and came across your video and I’m so grateful I chose to watch . You’ve given me more need and desire to pray to God ,asking for his will not mine. It’s a bit scary but he loves us so I need to trust him.


  3. I wanted to let you know that I could tell that you were a woman of faith by the way that you are portrayed in Sue Thomas, FBI (Eye). I double-checked by looking you up and found this site. Thank you for your testimony. I will be praying for your journey through your latest challenges with cancer.
    Our family has also been touched by challenging circumstances and try to represent God as we meet each day. Thank you for your example.


  4. I watched this entire show and now realize… you were the woman at the hospital and the woman at the end,,,,Praise God for your Being teachings and Love


  5. Sue! What a blessing you are! I have just recently discovered your story through the FBEye series and find myself inspired by all of it. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I pray you’re recovering. May God continue to bless you!


    1. My Family and I would like to wish you a belated “Happy Birthday!”
      We just found out tonight that it was your birthday a few days ago. God bless you Sister!
      My husband, daughter (10 years old) and I watch the TV shows lately and have truly enjoyed them. But this evening we watched your testimony in “Breaking the Sound Barrier” and we are truly touched. Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord Jesus. You are a beautiful child of God from whom we can learn much and model our lives after. We see God’s grace in you and through you.

      The Rahn Family
      Kenton, Michelle, and Grace

      PS Gracie is really waiting for your children’s book to come out! 🥰


  6. Dear Sue,

    Watching the series again and reading here about your life has encouraged me so. Thank you, that you let them make a tv-series based on your life. It is such a God honoring series and it was such a refreshment to watch something good. While there is so much evil out there too. Many years ago, I saw the series while looking for something on tv while I was bored. I noticed the sign language and told my sister, who is a Dutch sign language teacher. She looked it all up and bought the dvd’s. Now I am living abroad again and watching them on an online platform. No matter how many times I see the series, I am touched by it again. Thank you for living your life for the glory of God. I am trying to follow your example in following Christ. May God continue to bless you!


  7. You have inspired me so very, very much! I watched you give your moving testimony at a church on you tube though admittedly I watched all of your TV series (again) prior to watching your testimony. God has absolutely wonderful plans for you…

    I will continue to strive to be much more aware of those with less than perfect bodies…oh wait, that’s all of us! Thanks for inspiring me to truly “listen” to people and, most importantly, to God!


  8. So blessed by your inspirational life. I just stumbled upon the series Sue Thomas F.B.Eye and it has quickly become a favorite. I will be so disappointed as I approach the last few episodes. I was pleasantly surprised to find a video of your t testimony and this website. I pray that you are able to go back to Vermont and may God continually bless you as you pour out His truths to others. 🙏❤️


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