The Sanctuary of WaterBrooks

God is at work on His canvas in the hills of Vermont with His glorious colors waiting for His perfect time to bring forth the mighty splendors of autumn!

As God is creating His spectacular beauty for the world to marvel, He is building WaterBrooks for His glory and the hope of His people.
WaterBrooks, nestled on 113 acres in the green mountains of Vermont is a different kind of place, a place where the silence is never broken. Where one can come and be still and know that He is God.
Most who know me know two things, I am profoundly deaf who worked for the FBI as their secret weapon with my lip reading expertise and later had the award winning TV series called Sue Thomas FBEYE inspired by my life. The second thing you might or might not know is that I carry the FBI name in a very public way.  I am Sue Thomas, (F)irm (B)eliever (I)n CHRIST.
Since surrendering at the foot of the Cross thirty five years ago I have been a witness and proclaimed my Lord in 51 states in the USA and in six nations around the world. God has so graciously opened the door of every denomination in the church today including the Roman Catholic and Jewish faith. There is only one state and one denominaton that I have not been a witness unto. Can you guess?
I have had an incredible life with an incredible story…God’s greatest sinner saved and transformed by His grace and His grace alone!
Being profoundly deaf all of my life, that was the one thing that drove me to the Lord. For 35 years in spite of being successful with the FBI using my lipreading abilities to capture the bad guys, I resented and despised my deafness and the silence. The very thing that I love, people, my deafness kept me from being with them. Helen Keller said it best, “blindness separates a person from things and objects; deafness separates a person from people.” How well do I know these words.
I tried to run from the silence in every way possible, alcohol, drugs, alternative lifestyle, you name it, I did it to try to find acceptance and live with the silence.
My parents taught me as a child that God never makes a mistake but the older and supposedly wiser I got, I believed my parents were wrong, that God did indeed, make a mistake when He allowed the silence to over take me.
I left a successful career at the FBI to find God to make Him confess He made a mistake. I found Him in seminary in what is now known as Columbia International University in Columbia South Carolina. It was there at the age of 35 that I fully surrendered to God at the foot of the Cross in all of my shame and sorrow. It was there on that day that the transformation of my life was to become complete, the very thing that I hated, despised, and rejected, the silence, would be transformed into my best friend, the thing that I loved the most, the silence.
It is only in the silence that we will truly hear the still small voice of God, the silence will teach us, if we listen.
It was with that transformation thirty five years ago that God placed in my heart to build a sanctuary in the wilderness where the silence would never be broken, “that God’s people shall return from exile far away and will rest beneath His shadow, and be as a watered garden.” Hosea 14:8
WaterBrooks is a sanctuary being built for the glory of God and the hope of His people, it is being built by God and God alone as we are to ask no man for nothing as we build this sanctuary but to ask God for everything.
We would welcome your involvement to help build WaterBrooks only by prayer or what only God would have you do.
Our needs our great as we build our first project for the lodge. We will be doing a perk test in the coming days to submit plans to the state for the commercial septic system. Pray in earnest, friends, for God’s provision as the commercial septic system could cost us as much as $70,000. Only God and God alone can bless our endeavors for His glory and the hope of His people. After all, is He not the God who created heaven and Earth and cannot He create WaterBrooks for His glory?
Our churches have became weak and diluted with the teachings of prosperity and how to feel good instead of the Cross and dying of self.
Our sanctuaries have become worldly with small chatter replacing the silence and sipping of our Starbucks obtained in our churches. Our alters have long been removed with microphones adorning the show time music leaders and the church bells silenced refraining the call to the people to worship and adore the Almighty God. Simply put, we have forgotten how to truly worship and to truly adore the King of Kings.
It is indeed time for a different kind of place, a place in the mountains where the silence is never broken, where man can find God once again and return to his first love. WaterBrooks is a wilderness sanctuary, a refuge, a strong tower, a place where the silence is never broken where man can commune with God simply by walking Him and Him alone.
WaterBrooks is not a church but a place that God’s people can be strengthened and return to their church to strength it’s body.
We ask for your prayers in the days ahead that Almighty God will provide accordingly in the richness of His Son, Christ Jesus.
The silence will teach us if we listen. Perhaps, just perhaps, the church bells will ring once again to call His people to worship.

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Sue Thomas is President of Sue Thomas Ministries a non-profit 501c3 ministry.
She is the cofounder of WaterBrooks a sanctuary being built in the green mountains of Vermont and Operation Silent Night, an outreach to the homeless.
She has authored two books, her autobiography, SILENT NIGHT and her story of living with multiple sclerosis, STAYING IN RACE.
She continues to travel and be a witness for the Lord. Churches and Christian functions can book Sue through the Ambassador Agency and ask for Gloria at 615-370-4700.

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