The Sanctuary of WaterBrooks

God is at work on His canvas in the hills of Vermont with His glorious colors waiting for His perfect time to bring forth the mighty splendors of autumn! As God is creating His spectacular beauty for the world to marvel, He is building WaterBrooks for His glory and the hope of His people. WaterBrooks,… Continue reading The Sanctuary of WaterBrooks

Part 4 Finding Hope In The Silence Leslie Basham: Sue Thomas has worked for the FBI, and she’s been the inspiration for a TV program, but one of her most meaningful activities is finding homeless people on cold streets. She’s planning on doing it this holiday season. Sue Thomas: I know where I want to be every Christmas. I want to… Continue reading Part 4 Finding Hope In The Silence

Part 2 Hidden Talents and Hidden Hurts

Leslie Basham: Sue Thomas was working a desk job at the FBI when she was called to the front office. Sue Thomas: There was only two reasons a person went to the front office: It was to be terminated from their job or to be interrogated by the FBI agent. Leslie: She didn’t realize there… Continue reading Part 2 Hidden Talents and Hidden Hurts

Part 1 The World Goes Quiet

Leslie Basham: When she was one-and-a-half years old, Sue Thomas lost all her hearing, but that didn’t stop Sue’s mother from giving her piano lessons. She could feel the music through her fingers. Sue Thomas: It was so interesting to feel the vibrations . . . different vibrations, all over where I played. But as… Continue reading Part 1 The World Goes Quiet